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What is IFW CutS?

IFW CutS is a simulation software for machining manufacturing processes. By quantifying relevant parameters, the software makes it possible to compensate for errors and determine their cause - both without interrupting production. 

Application example: Simulation of a tool grinding process with IFW CutS

The structure of CutS is modular. In this way, various processes with different tools, materials and machines can be mapped. Processes that have not yet been recorded can be supplemented by new modules. 

All functions at a glance:

  • Analysis and optimization of NC-processes
  • Visualization of machining manufacturing processes
  • Interfaces to other simulations
  • Virtual mapping of machines
  • Processing of different CAD-formats


We can offer you:

  • Service for individual problem solving
  • Virtual analysis of machining processes
  • Collective development of supporting process analyses
  • Continuously growing modules for mapping further processes
  • Infrastructure for scientific research

Process analysis

Machining processes cannot be continuously investigated in the machine tool due to inadequacies and the use of cooling lubricants. Trials are time-consuming and associated with production downtimes. IFW CutS allows a local investigation of the intervention conditions and shifts the process from the machine to the computer. 

Screenshot of IFW CutS: Analysis of the feed force during virtual processing of a weld seam

CutS offers kinematic penetration simulation and process visualization for your process analysis. CutS is versatile for milling, grinding or polishing processes, for example.

Fields of application of process analysis with IFW CutS


IFW CutS enables the mapping of multi-axis milling processes. Both machine movements and cutting kinematics can be mapped.

  • Analysis of the tool load
  • Optimization of toolpaths
  • Analysis of existing NC-codes
  • Calculation of local parameters (e.g. cutting depth, material removal rate, chip thickness, etc.)

Rendered image from IFW CutS: Simulation-based planning of 5-axis milling processes


For the investigation of grinding processes, the penetration of the grinding tool and workpiece can be determined over time. On the basis of this, detailed analyses can be carried out.

  • contact zone analysis
  • single grain analysis
  • Spatially resolved load analysis
  • Mapping of local process variables
  • Increased productivity through feed rate adjustment.

Screenshot from IFW CutS: Determination of local parameters during tool grinding

Further applications

In addition to the above-mentioned applications, any machining processes can be virtually mapped with IFW CutS. For individual questions, the simulation platform is extended by new functions.

Many complex applications have already been investigated in numerous research and implementation projects. Examples of this are:

  • Fine Machining of Gears
  • Polishing processes of implants
  • Robot-supported machining processes
  • Investigation of turning processes
  • Simulation of additive manufacturing
  • Machining of hybrid workpieces

Rendered image from IFW CutS: Simulation-based planning of 5-axis polishing processes

Contact person: Volker Böß