Adaptive Process Chain Optimisation of Manufacturing Systems.

Adaptive Process Chain Optimisation of Manufacturing Systems.

Kategorien Konferenz (reviewed)
Jahr 2011
Autoren Denkena, B., Henjes, J., Lorenzen, L.-E.:
Veröffentlicht in 4th International Conference on Changeable, Agile, Reconofigurable and Virtual Production (CARV 2011), 2-5 October 2011, Montreal, Canada, S. 184-188.

Process chains represent a combined sequence of specifically arranged, single processes to assure the production of a part. An optimisation of the individual processes disregards the benefits which can be gained from the consideration of existing interdependencies between the processes. By developing an approach for holistic process chain optimisation using technological interfaces between the processes, an optimisation of the entire process chain can be obtained. In this paper, a simulation-based approach for modelling and adaptive dimensioning process parameters in a process chain as well as the corresponding technological interfaces is introduced to the reader which was developed at the Institute of Production Engineering and Machine Tools Hannover (IFW).