Tool Concepts for Wire Cutting of Reinforced Concrete.

Tool Concepts for Wire Cutting of Reinforced Concrete.

Kategorien Konferenz (reviewed)
Jahr 2011
Autoren Köhler, J., Ermisch, A., Denkena, B.:
Veröffentlicht in 1st International Conference on Stone and Concrete Machining, November 23-24, 2011, Hannover, 6 Seiten.

The cut-off grinding process “wire cutting” is mainly used in the natural stone industry. Due to its many advantages a further field of application is the construction industry. Here, wire cutting is mostly applied for deconstructing different building materials, like bricks, concrete and reinforced concrete, but also for cutting window or door openings. However, the many different materials of a building require adapted tool concepts for a productive cutting process. In this paper the influence of the tool concept on cutting reinforced concrete with different steel ratios was investigated. It can be shown that for low steel proportions multi-layer cutting tools are suitable. For higher steel reinforce concrete single layer tools can keep up with these due to lower tool wear.