Electromagnetic Ultra-Precision Linear Guide

Electromagnetic Ultra-Precision Linear Guide

Kategorien Beiträge in Büchern (reviewed)
Jahr 2021
Autoren Krüger, R., Bergmann, B., Denkena, B.:
Veröffentlicht in Ultra-precision High Performance Cutting (2021), Lecture Notes in Production Engineering, Report of DFG Research Unit FOR 1845, S. 75-106.

While electromagnetic levitation systems are already available for ultraprecision applications, they are limited to inspection or measurement tasks and nonmechanical processing due to their severely limited stiffness. This contribution introduces a novel electromagnetic linear guide, which was specifically developed for use in ultra-precision high performance machining. The active guide system features a position noise and a mean positioning error in the low nanometer range. At the same time, it provides sufficient dynamic stiffness for diamond machining. Furthermore, the actuator and sensor capabilities of the electromagnetic linear guide are applied to increase motion dynamics while reducing dynamic disturbances in motion phases by up to 75%. The capability of the new electromagnetic linear guide is finally shown for a reference diamond machining process.

ISBN 978-3-030-83764-8