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Schneidkantenmikropräparation hochharter Schneidstoffe

Cutting edge micropreparation of ultra hard cutting materials

Year:  2018
Date:  26-03-18
Funding:  DFG
Duration:  08/16 – 07/18

Cutting edge preparation shows high potential aiming to enhance the tool life time of cutting tools for hard turning. Conventional methods of preparation like brushing or blasting are subject to wear of the abrasive preparation tools which reduces the process reliability. Additionally, these preparations methods exhibit restrictions regarding intricated tool geometries. Especially for ultra hard cutting materials, laser machining of cutting edges is a promising alternative. Preliminary studies carried out by IFW show that surface topography and subsurface properties influence the tool performance significantly. However, the correlations between process parameters of laser machining and subsurface properties as well as influences on the tool performance are not understood thouroughly. In ordert to benefit from the high flexibility and reliability of laser maching for cutting edge preperation it is necessary to examine the interrelation between laser machining of ultra hard cutting materials and tool performance in hard turning.

The aim of the proposed project is to investigate the performance of pCBN cutting tools with laser prepared cutting edges. In this context, interelations between process parameters of laser machining and resulting properties of topography as well as subsurface on tool performance in hard turning are examined and an empiric model is established. Aiming to prepare cutting tools by laser machining a 5-axis maching process is developed. At the end of the proposed research project it will be possible to predict optimal process paramters for laser maching of cutting edges with respect to a later hard turning process.