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Tribologisch maßgeschneiderte Zylinderlaufbuchse

Tribologically tailored cylinder liner

Year:  2018
Date:  15-03-18
Sponsors:  DFG
Lifespan:  02/16 - 12/18
Is Finished:  yes


Tests on engine-test benches show that machined micro dimples show the potential to reduce the friction and oil consumption of combustion engines. This benefit significantly depends on the arrangement of these micro dimples. Consequently an optimum micro dimple layout is to be investigated which follows the varying tribological conditions along the cylinder liner. At the IFW a flexible and productive machining process is developed for machining the micro dimples in a layout that is suggested by flow simulations. These micro structured cylinder liners are then tested on a fired engine test bench in order to evaluate the benefit of the machined micro dimples.