Compensation of geometrical deviations via model based-observers

Compensation of geometrical deviations via model based-observers

Categories Zeitschriften/Aufsätze (reviewed)
Year 2014
Authors Denkena, B., Overmeyer, L., Litwinski, K., Peters, R.:
Published In The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Volume 73, Numbers 5-8, 2014, S. 989-998.

This paper presents a rigid body machine tool Simulation that is real-time capable and used in machine tool controls to estimate dynamic dislocations. The rigid body model is parameterized by static stiffness measurements and compared with a simulation in a customary software system RecurDyn. Based on the theoretical consideration, a modal analysis is examined in order to determine the damping properties of the test rig and to verify the control model dynamically. The investigated model of the test rig is afterwards implemented in a Kalman filter and transferred into the machine tool control. The performance of this control is assessed by linear movements. Finally, the dependency of the machine tool behavior on the position and load mass is considered by using the control model.

DOI 10.1007/s00170-014-5885-5