New Production Technologies in Aerospace Industry

New Production Technologies in Aerospace Industry

Categories Bücher
Year 2016
Authors Denkena, B.:
Published In Berichte aus dem IFW, IFW 10/2016, ISBN: 978-3-95900-103-8, Hrsg. B. Denkena, Tagungsband, Sachgebiet: Luft- und Raumfahrttechnik, 463 S.


Keynote Speeches

  • Innovative Machining Solutions for Aircraft Parts by Use of Technology Cycle and Additive Manufacturing (Dr. Eng. Masahiko Mori, DMG MORI CO., LTD.)
  • Customer Support Technology (Shinichi Inoue, Makino Milling Machine Co., Ltd.)
  • ADI Factory 4.0 Strategy – Maximizing OEE & Machining Analytics (John Wall, Aerospace Dynamics Inc., Division of PCC Aerostructures)
  • Re-Thinking Traditional Manufacturing Processes to overcome Aircraft Business Challenges (Dr. Christoph Gey, Kennametal Inc.)

Evening Speech

  • Bionics: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (Professor Ingo Rechenberg, Technische Universität Berlin)

Session 1 – Machine Tool Technology & Virtual Production

  • Trends in Aerospace Machining (Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank Brinken, Starrag Group Holding AG)
  • Grinding Machines for Manufacturing of Turbine Components (Dirk Wember, HAAS Schleifmaschinen GmbH)
  • AdditiveManufacturing / Bionics Designs – Disruptive Technology in Aerospace (Klaus Mueller, ICF International)
  • Challenges in Establishing Aerospace Machining Capabilities – A Journey of Bharat Forge (Guru Biswal, Bharat Forge Ltd.)
  • Manufacturing service for aviation industry in China (Prof. Wuyi Chen, AVIC International Aero-Development Ltd. AVIC INTL.)
  • Requirements for Productive Machining of Titanium Structural Components (Dr.-Ing. Jan Hendrik Dege, Premium AEROTEC GmbH)

Session 2 – Scientific Presentations including topics of Session 1

  • Laser Scored Machining of Fiber Reinforced Plastics to Prevent Delamination (Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Hintze, TU Hamburg-Harburg)
  • Online Tool Wear Measurement for Hobbing of highly loaded Gears (Sven Goetz,WZL RWTH Aachen University)
  • Simulation based Planning of Machining Processes with Industrial Robots (Jan Brüning, Institute of Production Engineering and Machine Tools)
  • Assessing the accuracy of five-axis machines by linking machine measurement data to test work pieces (G.H.J. Florussen, T.M. Spaan-Burke, H.A.M. Spaan)
  • Multi-point Clamping with Automatic Collision Avoidance for Aircraft Structural Parts Machining (T. Li, H. Liu, L. Zhao, B. Hou, Y. Wang, Y. Ma, Z. Jia)
  • Improving the sensory capabilities of an electromagnetic guided rotary table for the use in machine tools (B. Denkena, T. Brühne)
  • Automated Dressing Of Graphite Electrodes For Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) Of Seal Slots In Turbine Components (E. Uhlmann, D. C. Domingos)
  • Physics-Based Model to Predict Forces and Chip Morphology in the Machining of a Ti6Al4V Alloys for Aeronautical Applications (O. Fergani, K. Sorby, T. Welo)
  • Effect of change in α and β volume fraction on machining characteristics of Titanium alloy Ti6Al4V (S. Patil)
  • Effect of Water Oil Water Mist Spray Cooling on Drilling of Ti6Al4V Titanium Alloy using easter Oil based Cutting Fluid (S. Nandgaonkar, T.V.K. Gupta, S. Joshi)

Session 3 – Machining of Structural Aircraft Components

  • Machining of Aerospace Materials and the Requirements on the Cutting Grades for an Efficient Manufacturing Process (Dr.-Ing. Uwe Schleinkofer, Ceratizit Austria GmbH)
  • Achieving High-Efficiency Cutting (Carsten Günther, Sandvik Coromant Germany) 
  • Development of New Designs for Composite Machining (Paul Kleven, Seco Jabro)
  • With High Speed Successful to the Future (Bekir Kilic, SolidCAm)
  • Low Noise Shrink-Fit Chucks to avoid Tool Pull-Out (Ulrich Zierer, Bilz Werkzeugfabrik GmbH & Co. KG)

Session 4 – Scientific Presentations including topics of Session 3

  • Virtual Machining: Capabilities and Challenges of Process Simulations in the Aerospace Industry (P. Wiederkehr, Institute of Machining Technology, TU Dortmund)
  • Automated Fiber Placement Head for Manufacturing of innovative Aerospace stiffening Structures (B. Denkena, C. Schmidt, P. Weber*) 
  • Graphical Evaluation Method for Void Distribution in direct Energy Deposition (R. Koike*a, R. Ashidaa, K. Yamazakia, Prof. Y. Kakinumaa, Prof. T. Aoyamaa, Y. Odab, T. Kuriya, M. Fujishimab)
  • High Speed Cutting of Carbon Fiber reinforced Plastics (E. Uhlmann, F. Sammler*, S. Richarz)
  • Investigation of Chip Formation and Workpiece Load when Machining Carbon-Fiber-reinforced-Polymer (CFRP) (M. Zimmermann, L. Heberger*, F. Schneider, C. Egen, Jan C. Aurich)
  • Automated and cost-efficient Production of hybrid Sheet Moulding Compound Aircraft Components (M. Fette)
  • Influence of the Quality of Rivet Holes in Carbon Fiber reinforced Polymer (CFRP) on the Connection Stability (L. Heberger*, B. Kirsch, T. Donhauser, S. Nissle, M. Gurka, S. Schmeer, J. C. Aurich)


ISBN 978-3-95900-103-8