Microstructuring by means of cutting processes

Microstructuring by means of cutting processes

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Year 2014
Authors Denkena, B., Kästner, J., Göttsching, T.:
Published In Microstructuring of Thermo-Mechanically Highly Stressed Surfaces: Final Report of the DFG Research Group 576, Springer Verlag, 2014, S. 28 - 58.

The fuel consumption of a modern combustion engine is one of the most important purchase criteria in contemporary society. Increasing oil prices and exhaust emissions taxes force the automotive industry to continuously improve the vehicle engines.The fuel consumption is closely related to the frictional losses of an engine. New material pairings or constructive modifications of the piston group can reduce such losses. Another innovative concept to lower the frictional forces is the microstructuring of thermo-mechanically highly stressed surfaces. Within an interdisciplinary research group sponsored by the German Research Foundation, scientists at the Leibniz Universität Hannover and Universität Kassel have been working together to investigate this research topic. This final report presents their findings and offers scope for further discussion.

ISBN 978-3-319-09691-9