New Manufacturing Technologies in Aerospace Industry

New Manufacturing Technologies in Aerospace Industry

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Year 2012
Authors Denkena, B.:
Published In Reihe: IFW Volume 09/2012, ISBN 978-3-943104-76-9, Machining Innovations Conference, Proceedings, November 14th and 15th 2012, Hannover, 463 S.

Keynote Speeches
Activities of EADS in the Domain of the Factory of the Future
Yann Barbaux, Head of EADS Innovation Works

Meeting Future Demands in Aerospace
Klas Forsström, President Sandvik Coromant

Production Technology Challenges of Future Aero Engine Designs
Dr. Erich Steinhardt, Senior Vice President Technology, MTU

Tectonic Shifts in the Machine Tool Industry
Dr. Frank Brinken, CEO, Starrag Heckert AG

Session 1 – Manufacturing Technology
Productive Machining of Titanium Structural Parts for the Aircraft Industry
Dr. Jan-Hendrik Dege, Head of Technology,
Premium AEROTEC GmbH

GPS for Cutting Tools…WALTER – Global Productivity System
Josef Giessler, Manager R&D Round Tools,
Walter AG

Aerospace Materials and Processes – Solely a “Black” Future (CfC)?
Georg Rayczyk, Director R&T,
Liebherr-Aerospace GmbH

Cryogenic Machining of High Strength -Titanium Alloys with
Carbon Dioxide Snow
Prof. Dirk Biermann, Head of Institute,
ISF, TU Dortmund

Energy Efficiency in Cutting Processes
Michael Rehe, Research Engineer

Institute of Production Engineering and Machine Tools, Leibniz Universität Hannover
The Use of New Carbide Grades for Various Machining Processes in
Special Alloys for Aircrafts
Heinz Westermann, Head of R&D,
Extramet AG

HPC Tools and Strategies for Titanium
Gerhard Bonfert, Manger Industry Specialists
ISCAR Germany GmbH

Production and Repair Chains in Turbomachinery
Prof. Fritz Klocke, Head of Institute,
WZL, RWTH Aachen

High Performance Composites – From Material to Structure
Prof. Gerhard Ziegmann,
PUK, TU Clausthal

Challenges in Machining of Turbine Blades and Vanes in
Modern Aero Engines
Dr. Donka Novovic, Manufacturing Engineering Specialist,
Rolls-Royce Plc

Efficient and Innovative Cutting in Final Assembly
and Part Machining
Dr. Jochen Kress, Managing Director,
MAPAL Dr. Kress KG

Diamond Coatings for Demanding Cutting Operations in Aero Applications,
Current Status of Use in Production and Future Trends
Dr. Oliver Lemmer, Executive Vice President and COO,
CemeCon AG

Carbon is the Future Material: Diamond-Tools for the Aerospace Industry
Dr. Niklas Kramer, Head of R&D,
Komet Group GmbH

Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) Applications and Performance
Anshul Singh,
Diamond Innovations

Session 2 – Machine Tool Technology
Innovative Machine Concepts for High Dynamic Cutting of
Aerospace Structural Parts
Dr. Norbert Hennes, Managing Director,
Dörries Scharmann Technologie GmbH

The Robot as Milling Maschine
Bernd Luckas, Sales Manager,
A² Anlagentechnik & Automation GmbH

Smart Regeneration Cell for Repair Processes of Aircraft Engine Components
Felix Flöter, Research Engineer,
Institute of Production Engineering and Machine Tools, Leibniz Universität Hannover

DMG/MORI SEIKI Aerospace Excellence Center – Excellent Perfection for
Aerospace Manufacturing
Michael Kirbach, Head of Aerospace Excellence Center,

Large Parts – Small Robots, High Precision Joining and
Assembly of Aircraft Structures
Christian Meiners, Head of Technology,
Brötje Automation GmbH

Five-Axis Complete Machining with Turn-Mill Centers of
the Newest Generation
Dr. Volker Sellmeier, Head of Technology Development,
INDEX-Werke GmbH & Co KG Hahn & Tessky

Session 3 – Planning and Organization
Changes in Production Planning and Control of the Mid Size Industry
Günter Becker, Product Manager,
Fauser AG

Manufacturing Technology Challenges for Large Parts Machining
Stefan Mangels, Department Head,
Premium Aerotec

In Process Quality Ensurance; Inclusion in IT Systems
Dr. Jan Brinkhaus, Managing Director,

Milling Simulation of Welded Aero Engine Components
Dr. Volker Böß, Head of CAx-Development
Institute of Production Engineering and Machine Tools, Leibniz Universität Hannover

Financing and Funding Opportunities for R&D Projects
Rudolf Spitzmüller, CEO
Spitzmüller AG

Automatic NC-Programming of Corner Fittings
Nikolai D´Agostino & Ralf Ruschmeyer, Industry Leader Aerospace,
Airbus Operations GmbH

ISBN 978-3-943104-76-9