Active Linear Guiding Concepts for Microsystems

Active Linear Guiding Concepts for Microsystems

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Year 2011
Authors Kayapinar, H., Möhring, H.-C., Denkena, B.:
Published In Design and Manufacturing of Active Microsystems, Microtechnology and MEMS, Hrsg. S. Büttgenbach, Springer Verlag 2011, S. 109-126.

High accuracy positioning of machines, below one micrometer, is often limited by conventional rolling or sliding guides due to friction that causes stick-slip effects. To ensure high-precision, frictionless and failsafe motion for microsystems, the application of active aerostatic and electromagnetic guides has been investigated and is presented in this chapter. In both cases, physical contact between moving microparts is avoided. Aerostatic guides offer high bearing capacity and stability and work free of self-heating. Electromagnetic guides can be designed more compactly and the air gap can be controlled more dynamically. Both concepts need an accurate displacement measurement system to control the air gap of several micrometers under variable loads. Due to the high degree of miniaturization, novel design, manufacturing, and calibration concepts were investigated.