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Schaeffler Technologies neues Mitglied im Industrieforum SMART Surfaces – 18. Treffen des Industrieforums SMART Surfaces

Schaeffler Technologies is a new member of the SMART Surfaces Industry Forum - 18th Meeting of the SMART Surfaces Industry Forum

Schaeffler Technologies neues Mitglied im Industrieforum SMART Surfaces

At the 18th meeting of the SMART Surfaces Industry Forum (Industrieforum SMART Surfaces ' PIN Hannover ( in Balzers, Liechtenstein, at Oerlikon Surface Solutions, Schaeffler Technologies was welcomed as a new member. Schaeffler Technologies is a leading global automotive and industrial supplier, producing precision powertrain and chassis components and systems, as well as rolling and plain bearing solutions for a wide range of industrial applications. In the SMART Surfaces industrial forum, companies from the fields of manufacturing technology, metrology and coating technology are working together with IFW scientists in a pre-competitive consortium to improve the performance of components from a broad industrial spectrum.

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By taking a holistic view of the surface and edge zone properties of diverse components, IFW scientists are researching how these can be used specifically for industrial applications. The industry forum offers the opportunity to generate fundamental knowledge about surface and edge zone properties for the concrete challenges of member companies. For the design of components, often only classical surface properties are used, because it is not known which possibilities an extended consideration of the edge zone creates. Here, the edge zone is defined as the volume area of the material whose properties have been changed by the machining process.

The SMART Surfaces Industry Forum offers, in addition to a wide range of technical expertise, the possibility of an exchange of information and experience between companies. The meetings of the industry forum take place in a semi-annual rhythm, alternating between the IFW and one of the partner companies. The 18th working group meeting was held at Oerlikon Surface Technologies in Balzers, Liechtenstein. Oerlikon Surface Technologies, with its brands such as Oerlikon Balzers and Oerlikon Metco, is one of the leading suppliers of surface and coating solutions. The products are used in a wide range of industries, from machining to aerospace technology. Equally diverse are the projects of the Industrial Forum, in which the design and manufacture of surface and edge zone properties are realized in a function-oriented and economical manner. With this offer, Schaeffler Technologies could be won as a new member for the working group. As a supplier of powertrain and chassis systems as well as rolling and plain bearing solutions for a wide range of industrial applications, there is a large overlap with the projects of the SMART Surfaces Industrial Forum.

This is particularly evident in the first ongoing project, "Finish Machining of E-Drive Train Components." The aim of the project is to optimize the topography of rolling bearing components to minimize noise emissions. With regard to the electrification of the powertrain and thus the necessary significant reduction in engine noise, OEMs are optimizing all powertrain components in terms of noise development. In the current project of the Industry Forum, different manufacturing processes such as short-stroke honing, deep or smooth rolling or skiving are being investigated in order to set surface topographies that reduce noise emissions.

The second ongoing project focuses on the edge zone properties of additively manufactured components. The edge zone of additively manufactured components differs from the edge zone of semi-finished products manufactured by conventional means. In particular, the rough surface topography familiar from additively manufactured components necessitates mechanical post-processing on functional surfaces. The interactions between additive and subtractive manufacturing processes influence not only surface roughness but also fatigue strength. The aim of the project is to determine the influence of the manufacturing processes of turn-milling, rolling, short-stroke honing and turning on the edge zone and the associated fatigue strength. This is done by taking into account the initial surface area present after additive manufacturing of the components.

In the third ongoing project, "Sensitivity of edge zone properties", the influence of small deviations of individual process parameters of short-stroke honing and deep rolling on the edge zone properties and the associated fatigue life is investigated. The results show that, for example, the deep rolling process produces very reproducible, identical edge zone properties in the specimens at the rolling pressures investigated. The same applies to short-stroke honing, which produces reproducible edge zone properties, particularly in the near-surface region.

If the SMART Surfaces Industry Forum (Industrieforum SMART Surfaces ' PIN Hannover ( has aroused your interest, or if you would like more information about the procedure or current projects, please feel free to contact us. We would also be very pleased about your participation in the PIN conference. To do so, simply send an e-mail to the following address: