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Logo: IFW - Institut für Fertigungstechnik und Werkzeugmaschinen
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  • Marc-André Dittrich: Sponsorship Award of the Foundation NiedersachsenMetall, 2017


  • Heinrich Klemme: Best Oral Presentation for "Online Compensation of Thermal Errors in Machine Tools using Temperature Field Observer" (euspen´s SIG Thermal Issues meeting, Prag)
  • Prof. Denkena, Thomas Lepper, Martin Eckl: Best Paper Award (Advanced Control Strategies for Active Vibration Suppression in Laser Cutting Machines)


  • Dominik Brouwer, Thomas Krawczyk: University and Science Award in the ideas competition StartUp-Impuls 2014


  • Thomas Lepper: Best Paper Award (15th International Conference on Precision Engineering, Kanazawa in Japan)
  • Lars Hülsemeyer, Dominik Dahlmann: Triple E-Award 2014 for the prototype of an energy-efficient machine tool


  • Marc-André Dittrich : Hans-Peter Wiendahl Student Award 2013
  • Patrick Helmecke: First Prize Best Paper Award for “Influence of stress on the degradation behavior of Mg LAE442 implant systems”, CIRP-BioM Tokyo 2013
  • Roman Grabowski: Ernst-Blickle-Student-Award 2012


  • Denkena, Möhring, Kayapinar: "Outstanding Paper Award" for: "Design of a Compact Fluidic XY-Stage for Precise Positioning" , ICOMM Chicago 2011
  • Felix Flöter: Dr. Jürgen Ulderup-Award, 2012
  • Marc-André Dittrich: Wilhelm-Launhardt-Award, 2012


  • Denkena, Berend; Köhler, Jens; Turger, Anke: “Award for 2011 Best Poster Paper” for: “Modeling the Polishing Process with Resilient Diamond Tools for Manufacturing of Complex Shaped Ceramic Implants”
  • Brouwer, Dominik: Inventor Award: "Invention Disclosure Gold Award" by Baker Hughes INTEQ, 2011
  • Deichmüller, Manuel; Guo, Yibo; Oezcirak, Hasan: Cooperation Award
  • Georgiadis, Alexander: Wilhelm-Launhardt-Award, 2011
  • Nespor, Dennis: Dr. Jürgen Ulderup Award , 2011
  • Denkena, Berend; Köhler, Jens; Hahmann, Dennis; Kästner, Jan: “Award for Best Poster Paper” for ASPE2010-paper “Grinding of Microstructures in Brittle Materials with Multiple Microprofiled Grinding Wheels"


  • Dennis Hahmann, Best Paper Award


  • Felix Flöter: Technology Award of the Kurt-Alten-Foundation, 2009


  • Kayapinar, Haydar: Sponsorship Award of the Foundation Niedersachsenmetall, 2008, Dr. Jürgen Ulderup Award
  • Jan Kästner, Christain Dathe, Sebastian Steinbrecher, Cooperation Award
  • Marijke van der Meer, Analia Moral, Lena Fiechel, Cooperation Award
  • Frank Otte, Sirko Pamin, Cooperation Award
  • Edmont Bassett, Björn Hofmann, Cooperation Award


  • Jens Bockhorst, Christian Dummeyer, Kooperationspreis


  • Carsten Schmidt, DAAAM International Award for Best Paper Presented
  • Franz Kallage, Best Paper Award
  • Karl-Heinz Scharschmidt, Dr.-Jürgen-Ulderup-Award 2005
  • Volker Sellmeier, VDW Student Award
  • Christian Will, Volker Sellmeier, Cooperation Award


  • David Boehnke, Jürgen Clauß, Andreas Heine, Cooperation Award


  • Niklas Kramer, Lorenz Gerdes, Cooperation Award
  • René Apitz, Nikoloz Nikuradze, Cooperation Award


  • Volker Sellmeier, Foreign scholarship of the DAAD
  • Jens Berge, Hans-Christoph Jahn, Cooperation Award
  • Martin Lünemann, Ingo Schneemann, Cooperation Award


  • Matthias Baer (IPH), Marc Eger, Cooperation Award


  • Volker Sellmeier, Scholarship holder of the Albert Ludwig Foundation
  • Thomas Glatzel, Sven Kastens, Jens Bockhorst, Cooperation Award
  • Raouf BenAmor, David Boehnke, Cooperation Award
  • Volker Böß, Volker Brecht, Cooperation Award