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Grundlagen eines Mehrkoordinatenpositioniersystems für spanende Werkzeugmaschinen

Principles of a multi-coordinate positioning system for metal cutting machine tools

Year:  2018
Date:  25-11-18
Funding:  DFG
Duration:  01/15 - 06/17
Is Finished:  yes

Nowadays, machine tool feed drives are mostly systems with one degree of freedom (dof). By combining multiple systems, movements in multiple dof become relizable. However, this leads to a reduction in dynamics and accuracy of the system. With a multi-dof feed drive system significant benefits can be achieved. The scope of this project is to investigate a system, consisting of a planar direct drive combined with a contactless electromagnetic planar guide. Firstly, a test rig will be designed, realized and tested. Then the feed drive system will be extensively analyzed in terms of accuracy, dynamics and structural behavior. In a second period it is pursued to investigate the system in cutting processes.