Research institutions and organizations

The IFW works closely with institutions dedicated to the promotion of mechanical engineering and production technology in its scientific and industrial manifestations. Some of the partners with whom we work closely, or in which we are represented as a member, are listed here.


C.I.R.P. is the International Research Foundation for Mechanical Production Engineering with 250 active members in 36 states. All members were admitted on the basis of their outstanding research in production engineering. The joint contribution to the expansion of the manufacturing technology knowledge base is the pooling of the world's leading companies and research institutes.

 However, C.I.R.P.'s technical activities, conferences and publications are only one side of the organization. Close relationships between the individual members make the association a world-leading organization in the field of production engineering research.


The Scientific Society for Production Engineering is an association of leading German professors of production engineering. It unites around 1,000 production engineering scientists in the Federal Republic of Germany and was founded in 1987 as the successor organization to the "Hochschulgruppe Betriebswissenschaften (HBW)" (University Group for Production Sciences), which was founded in 1937 and later became the "Hochschulgruppe Fertigungstechnik (HGF)" (University Group for Production Engineering).

It sees itself as a body representing the interests of research and teaching in the field of production engineering in the scientific, social and political spheres of the Federal Republic of Germany.


With 3,200 members, the VDMA is the largest network organization and important voice of the mechanical and plant engineering industry in Germany and Europe.

With a total of 36 trade associations, the association represents the common economic, technical and scientific interests of this diverse industry. With 1.35 million employees in Germany, the mechanical and plant engineering sector is Germany's largest industrial employer and the backbone of the German economy.


The VDW is a trade association for the metalworking industry and serves its members as a representative of their interests vis-à-vis legislators, customer industries and the public. At the same time, the VDW provides a platform for the exchange of industry-specific opinions and experience. One of the association's focal points is dedicated joint research in close cooperation with production technology research institutes.

Manufacturing Innovations Network e. V

If you want to be successful in the future, you have to know today the market needs and technological trends of tomorrow. Industry and research are confronted with, among other things, shorter innovation cycles, more complex system products, an increasing number of variants and individual customer requirements with a faster time-to-market and higher cost pressure.

Dynamic organizations are a key to mastering these challenges. Based on a mature structural concept, result-oriented processes are developed in the Manufacturing Innovations Network e. V. and thus support the partners in a forced pace in research and development.

Der Fachverband Pulvermetallurgie e.V. – FPM

The Powder Metallurgy Association e.V. is the economic-political representation of interests of the powder metal industry in the Federal Republic of Germany. The tasks of the FPM are essentially divided into two complexes:

Economic representation of the interests of the PM industry through representation vis-à-vis authorities, associations and organizations, as well as through strengthening the companies in the marketplace
Technology development through joint technical work, in particular in research and development within the framework of the Joint Committee for Powder Metallurgy and in the Hard Metal Working Group