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WiZuBe - Wirtschaftliche und zuverlässige Zustandsüberwachung

WiZuBe - Economic and reliable condition monitoring

Year:  2018
Date:  04-04-18
Funding:  AiF-IGF
Duration:  03/18 - 08/20
Is Finished:  yes

Unplanned repair measures currently account for about 15 % of the total life cycle costs of a machine tool. The follow-up costs due to downtimes are usually even higher. A plannable maintenance strategy based on the actual wear of the components would be ideal. Condition monitoring systems can make an important contribution here. As a result of this research project, a condition monitoring system is to be made available that can reliably monitor machine components with minimum parameterization effort, and thus considerably more economically than currently available systems. It is intended to independently adapt the test algorithms on which condition monitoring is based to the load history of the machine components and thus enable practical condition-based maintenance of machine tools. With a corresponding product, considerable costs can be saved and the production process can be made more predictable. Manufacturers of components and machine tools and monitoring solutions as well as users can benefit from the technology.