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Studieren an Japans Elite-Uni – Das IFW ermöglicht Auslandssemester mit der Keio University in Tokio

Studying at Japan's elite university - The IFW enables semester abroad with Keio University in Tokyo

© Heinrich Klemme
Neben der exzellenten Forschung bietet Japan in jeder Hinsicht noch viel mehr.

Since 1998, there has been a regular student exchange program between the Institute of Production Engineering and Machine Tools and Keio University. In the summer or winter semester, one or two Japanese students study in Hanover and one or two students from Hanover study in return in Japan with Prof. Kakinuma and Prof. Koike.

Keio University among the top universities in Asia

Keio University is probably the most prestigious private university in Japan and is considered the oldest university on the Asian continent. The university was founded in 1858 by Yukichi Fukuzawa, a very well-known Japanese intellectual from the time of the Meiji Restoration, who decisively advanced Japan's modernization. Today, Keio University has nine faculties spread across seven campuses. The university has about 34,000 students.

Study time does not extend - credit points can be credited in Hanover

"We particularly like to see our exchange students supporting and promoting the research work of Prof. Kakinuma and Prof. Koike during their stay. It naturally makes sense to write a scientific paper in this context, which is then recognized in Hannover," explains exchange coordinator of the IFW Heinrich Klemme. For exchange students, the Faculty of Science and Technology at Keio University also offers more than 20 English-language courses in the field of mechanical engineering. It is also possible for examination results from these courses to be recognized after prior consultation with the examination office. The study time of the students is therefore not extended.

The IFW provides financial support

Due to the close cooperation between Keio University and The IFW, students do not have to pay tuition fees. The costs for a four-month stay amount to about 3,000 - 4,000 € and depend on the lifestyle there. The IFW cooperates with the Dr. Jürgen and Irmgard Ulderup Foundation, the Sieglinde Vollmer Foundation and the Kurt Alten Foundation, among others, to finance the stay. Students usually apply for these scholarships a few weeks after applying for the stay abroad. Although students must apply for the scholarships on their own, they are supported in this by the IFW. Exchange coordinator Klemme: "Anyone with questions about the application process or the exchange is welcome to contact us."

Next exchange in the coming winter semester 2023/24

The stay at Keio University is four months. The next exchange will take place in the coming winter semester (end of September 2023 - end of March 2024). The IFW application deadline is Feb. 26, 2023, and more information on how to apply can be found at