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Characterization of sintered metal bonded diamond grinding wheels

Characterization of sintered metal bonded diamond grinding wheels

Year:  2018
Date:  15-03-18
Funding:  MWK
Duration:  06/15 - 06/19

For new materials and applications, grinding tools and processes are designed in a lengthy iterative procedure based on empirical knowledge and individual existing process models. This results in grinding tools with which the grinding task is basically solvable. However, technological progress in terms of productivity and component quality is only developing in small steps in this way. The vision of the project is therefore that in the future the grinding tools will be model-based designed and manufactured for new applications. Based on process and component requirements, all necessary geometrical, mechanical, thermal and chemical grinding wheel properties are defined on the basis of models and simulations and purposefully manufactured on the basis of existing sintering models. For this purpose, all process-relevant properties must be known and quantifiable. In order to establish the foundation for this vision, the goal of the project is to create an overall model that fully reflects the grinding wheel characteristics and application behavior from production through use to process results. To this end, it is necessary to work simultaneously and in close cooperation in the fields of sintering technology, grinding technology and modeling. In this way, adjustable properties and interactions can be identified and analyzed with regard to their process relevance and quantifiability.