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Einfluss des bearbeitungsbedingten Werkstoffzustands auf das belastungsinduzierte Abbauverhalten von Eigenspannungen

Influence of the manufacturing induced material condition on the load induced residual stress relaxation behavior

Year:  2018
Date:  05-03-18
Funding:  DFG/CAPES
Duration:  06/17 - 05/19
Further information

This project is tailored according to the Phase 3 goals of the BRAGECRIM research initiative: The sustainable development of the German-Brazilian production chain through innovative technology. An important step towards a product`s life cycle behaviour is the machining process. This process determines the product's surface and subsurface properties. Especially the latter (residual stresses, microstructure and hardness alterations, cracks, etc.) are relevant for fatigue life of the components. However, under mechanical load the subsurface properties might change. The special focus of this project is the residual stress relaxation due to external loads. This mechanism and the interaction with other surface and subsurface properties are not understood. The detailed characterisation of the mechanism of relaxation depending on the machining process will lead to advanced products. The vision of this project is the specific adjustment of surface and subsurface properties by adapted machining process design to optimize fatigue life of components. The investigation of the occurring mechanisms in a collaborative project will promote the knowledge exchange between Germany and Brazil regarding this important matter for cyclic mechanically loaded components.