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Untersuchung der Haftverbundmechanismen zwischen Gerüst- und Verblendmaterial vollkeramischer Zahnrestaurationen

Investigation of the bonding mechanisms between framework and veneering material of all-ceramic tooth restorations

Year:  2018
Date:  15-03-18
Funding:  DFG
Duration:  02/16 - 01/19

In this project in cooperation with the Hannover Medical School, the influence of the process chain on the adhesive bonding mechanisms and damage mechanisms in the production of all-ceramic restorations is investigated. All-ceramic restorations are aesthetically pleasing, biocompatible and have excellent mechanical properties. However, in contrast to metal-ceramic restorations, higher failure rates occur due to chipping and cracks, which is due to a poorer adhesion of the components. Investigations of the near-surface-zone influence of the yttrium-reinforced zirconium oxide by the machining process as well as the resulting adhesion behavior in the subsequent veneering are essential in the investigation of the bonding mechanisms. Furthermore, the analysis of the damage mechanisms and the determination of the influence of the applied process parameters on the bond strength are required. By means of a suitably adapted process chain, the material- and near-surface- zone properties of the two ceramics should be adjusted in such a way that the adhesive strength is purposefully increased and the failure rate of all-ceramic restorations is significantly reduced.