More efficient injection molds

Led by:  Prof. Dr.-Ing. Berend Denkena (IFW)
Team:  M. Sc. Henke Nordmeyer (IFW)
Year:  2022
Date:  20-07-22
Funding:  ZIM
Duration:  03/2022-02/2024

In the future, cooling channel structures are to ensure more efficient molds and more precise as well as faster process control in the injection molding sector. Within the framework of the "Central Innovation Program for SMEs", or ZIM Guideline for short, Konstruktionsbüro Hein GmbH (KB Hein), the IFW - Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Machine Tools and the IKK - Institute for Plastics and Closed-Loop Technology, both institutes of Leibniz University, are working together on this development.