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Opti5Grind - Innovatives 5-Achs-Schleifen von Freiformflächen

Opti5Grind - Innovative 5-axis grinding of free-form surfaces

Year:  2018
Date:  29-03-18
Funding:  ZIM
Duration:  07/17 - 06/19

Grinding of freeform surfaces presents great challenges especially when working on hardened materials. Surfaces are currently machined by multipass grinding in straight lines. To reduce idle strokes and process times this project aims to develop a new strategy for grinding freeform surfaces. To use the abrasive layer of the grinding wheel evenly, pitch and yaw angle are adjusted throughout one pass. Knowledge of their influence on the surface quality and residual stresses is therefore paramount. Additionally, the workpiece geometry can be used to calculate the ideal grinding wheel topography.