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„SensSpann“ – Sensory Clamping Heads for machine tools

„SensSpann“ – Sensory Clamping Heads for machine tools

Year:  2018
Date:  02-03-18
Funding:  ZIM - BMWi
Duration:  2/18 - 1/20
Is Finished:  yes

Clamping heads are used for the clamping of workpieces and workpiece pallets in machine tools. They  enable the clamping of workpieces with a high geometric repeatability.  In order to prevent detachment of the workpiece during machining, the application and maintenance of the nominal clamping force on the clamping heads is mandatory. Automated monitoring of the clamping force to ensure safe operation is not possible with actual available systems. The monitoring of the clamping state is associated with high design effort and costs. The aim of this project is the development of a new mechatronic clamping head to enable a force-based, continuous condition monitoring. For this purpose, strain sensors are integrated on the clamping head and a condition monitoring and clamping force measurement are investigated on the basis of the strain signals. Furthermore, process monitoring is made possible with the sensory clamping heads. By integrating the sensor system into the clamping heads, machine tools can be expanded easily, cost-effectively and universally with a system for clamping state monitoring and process monitoring.