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IFW with two projects and self-learning machine tool at EMO 2023

IFW with two projects and self-learning machine tool at EMO 2023

Visitors will find our joint booth (H22) in the "Future of Connectivity Area" in Hall 9. And: A prior online appointment is possible. Interested parties can make an appointment with the IFW staff, but also with the team of IIP-Ecosphere and our Mittelstand-Digital Centre.

The IFW is at the start with a self-learning machine tool. At EMO 2023, the institute will be showing the digital twin of a machine tool that can use artificial intelligence (AI) to predict shape deviations before the manufacturing process and react adaptively to them. In addition, AI-supported process monitoring helps to detect and avert unforeseeable process errors in real time. Click here to make an appointment online.

The second partner at the joint booth is the AI innovation project IIP-Ecosphere. The IIP team will be presenting practical solutions and results from around three and a half years of research at EMO. The focus is on the IIP-Ecosphere platform. As an Industry 4.0 platform, it supports the development and execution of service-based AI applications in industrial production.Interested companies are cordially invited to visit the trade show booth to learn more. Particularly exciting, for example, are also the project's final symposium on September 19 and the AI discussion round "The Hot Chair" on September 20.

The Mittelstand-Digital Centre Hannover shows best practice examples around the topic of artificial intelligence in the company. In addition, there will be the opportunity to discuss AI solutions on site and to implement them in a customized way in a later project. To this end, companies can either bring their own project ideas or develop new approaches together with our team. In addition to digitization projects, the center's offerings also include company talks as well as workshops and webinars for employees. All offers are free of charge thanks to public funding. You can make an appointment with the Mittelstand-Digital Centre Hannover here.



For further information, please contact Martin Winkler, Institute of Manufacturing Engineering and Machine Tools at Leibniz Universität Hannover, by phone  +49 511 762 4991 or by e-mail .