New Production Technologies in Aerospace Industry

New Production Technologies in Aerospace Industry

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Jahr 2019
Autoren Denkena, B.:
Veröffentlicht in Berichte aus dem IFW, IFW 7/2019, ISBN: 978-3-95900-379-7, Hrsg. B. Denkena, Tagungsband, Sachgebiet: Luft- und Raumfahrttechnik, 360 S.

Keynote Speeches

  • Key success factors in manufacturing critical aerospace components (Kenneth Sundberg, WFL Millturn Technologies)
  • Automation and digitalization at MTU Aero Engines AG (Lars Wagner, MTU Aero Engines AG)
  • Research pushing the limits in aerospace manufacturing (Alexander Krödel, Institute of Production Engineering and Machine Tools)

Session 1 – New Technologies in Machining

  • Evolutionary machining technology for aerostructures & engine components – providing improved performances & availability (Hiroshi Ueno, Makino Milling Machine Co. Ltd.)
  • Outperforming LogiQ (Gidi Drori, ISCAR GmbH)
  • Super hard material tools for hard-to-cut materials (Yusuke Matsuda, SUMITOMO ELECTRIC Hardmetal Corporation)
  • Ceramics in aerospace manufacturing – materials and applications (Johannes Schneider, CeramTec GmbH)
  • Metal recycling for the aircraft industry (Martin Geisler, CRONIMET Ferroleg. GmbH)

Session 2 – Scientific Presentations including topics of Session 1

  • Influence of tool variables on wear when milling iron aluminide alloy Fe25Al1.5Ta [at.-%] (Maximilian Wagner, Institute of Production Management, Technology and Machine Tools)
  • FEM based evaluation of Ti6Al4V cutting with plain and textured WC/Co tools under cryogenic cooling environment (Sarvesh Kumar Mishra, Department of Mechanical Engineering)
  • Increasing productivity in heavy machining using a simulation based optimization method for porcupine milling cutters with a modified geometry (Oliver Pape, Institute of Production Engineering and Machine Tools (IFW))
  • ECM roughing of profiled grooves in nickel-based alloys for turbomachinery applications (Bob Rommes,WZL RWTH Aachen)
  • Vibration suppression in turning TiAl6V4 using additively manufactured tool holders with specially structured, particle filled hollow elements (Prof. Andrey Czan, Departement of Machining and Production Technologies)

Session 3 – Digitalisation & Industry 4.0

  • Aero-engine trends and drivers for advanced machining (Dr. Gregor Kappmeyer, RollsRoyce plc.)
  • Recent technology development for aero-engine manufacturing in IHI (Hiroshi Kuroki, IHI Corporation)
  • The future of aviation MRO – opportunities and risks by digital transformation (Dr.-Ing. Felix Flöter, Lufthansa Technik AG)
  • Digital Excellence: performance gains in development technology implementation and run-off (Dr.-Ing. Niklas Kramer, Sandvik Coromat)
  • Computed tomography for inspection, failure analysis and dimensional measurement in industry (Dr. Holger Roth, Baker Hughes)
  • Al based cooling lubricant system – "Coolant as a Service” when manufacturing parts for aeronautical use! (Dr.-Ing. Dirk Friedrich, Grindaix GmbH)

Session 4 – Scientific Presentations including topics of Session 3

  • Stabilization of metal structure formation in directed energy deposition by applying a coolant system (Ryo Koike, Department of System Design Engineering, Keio University)
  • Automatic re-contouring of repair welded tool moulds (Klaas Heide, Institute of Production Engineering and Machine Tools (IFW))
  • A novel hybrid clamping system for sheet metals and thin walled structures (Dr.-Ing. Uwe Teicher, Fraunhofer IWU)
  • Ultrasonic assisted milling of fiber reinforced plastics in consideration of clamping and cutting edge geometry (Falk Protz, Institute for Machine Tools and Factory Management (IWF))
  • Analysis of burr formation mechanisms when drilling CFRP-aluminium stacks using acoustic emission (Jonas Duntschew, Institute for Machine Tools)
  • Vision assisted robotic finishing of friction stir welded corner joints (Ozan Gurdal, AMRC University Sheffield)


Production Technologies, Aerospace Industry, MIC

ISBN 978-3-95900-379-7