A quality-oriented approach to product-driven production

A quality-oriented approach to product-driven production

Kategorien Konferenz (reviewed)
Jahr 2012
Autoren Denkena, B., Schmidt, J., Krüger, M.:
Veröffentlicht in 1st Joint International Symposium on System-Integrated Intelligence 2012: New Challenges for Product and Production Engineering (SysInt 2012), June 27th - 29th 2012, Hannover, S. 5-7.

This paper presents a novel manufacturing quality-oriented control strategy for a product-driven production. The product-driven production of-fers a high degree of flexibility for production, which is provided by the application of Gentelligent Components, which inherently store their fabrication data and can autonomously initiate and influence their production. Analogously to a car´s navigation system, the optimum route through production is validated by the production control system out of a quantity of alternatives, considering "traffic jams" like bottlenecks or disturbances in order to avoid production interruptions. By considering only the avoidance of interruptions, the manufacturing quality is an often underestimated aspect of production control. Therefore, this paper deals with a novel quality-oriented production control strategy for a product-driven production of Gentelligent Components. In order to ensure manufacturing quality, especially for highly dynamic low batch productions, the existing product-driven production control was advanced by a novel quality-oriented control strategy. This paper presents the product-driven process control and the autonomous selection of alternative routes as well as the novel quality-oriented production control.