Analysis of an integrated electromagnetic actuator prototype

Analysis of an integrated electromagnetic actuator prototype

Kategorien Zeitschriften/Aufsätze (reviewed)
Jahr 2013
Autoren Emmrich, J., Bickel, W., Denkena, B., Ponick, B.:
Veröffentlicht in Innovative Klein- und Mikroantriebstechnik (GMM-FB 76), 5 S.

This paper presents the analysis and verification of the electrical, mechanical and dynamic characteristics of a novel motor-integrated actuator prototype for high frequency damping forces. In order to stabilize milling processes in high speed cutting applications, an electromagnetic actuator has been integrated into the motor element of a milling spindle. Compared to other methods [1-3], this approach does not require additional external elements. Furthermore, the construction and dimensions of the spindle shaft are mainly left unchanged, so that the dynamic behavior of the new milling spindle is comparable to the original spindle in contrast to [4]. As the efficiency of the proposed method highly depends on the actuator properties, the validation of the calculations and the effectivity of the method by measurement of the frequency response function (FRF) of the spindle prototype are shown in the following.

ISBN ISBN 978-3-8007-3537-2