Model-Based Dimensioning of Multistage Processes Regarding Multiple Criteria.

Model-Based Dimensioning of Multistage Processes Regarding Multiple Criteria.

Kategorien Konferenz (reviewed)
Jahr 2009
Autoren Denkena, B., Henning, H., Henjes, J.:
Veröffentlicht in Proceedings of the 6th CIRP-Sponsored International Conference on Digital Enterprise Technology, December 14-16, 2009, Hong Kong, S. 1043-1056.

The dimensioning of multistage machining processes consisting of roughing and finishing operations requires a linked consideration of the transformation of target values over all stages. The analytical hierarchy approach (AHP) is used to solve the arising multi-criteria problem regarding technologic and economic criteria based on empirical process models. Therefore, the presented concept includes existing  interdependencies by the means of transfer values leading to an effective and comprehensible dimensioning of multistage machining processes. The concept is implemented into a software prototype programmed in JAVA. Individual process stages, targets and criteria can be implemented by the decision maker. The resulting overall target function consists of preference multipliers and standardized subcriteria

functions weighted by AHP. High values of the target-function point out combinations of process parameters for each stage that yield to a multi-criteria optimized multistage process. The concept is exemplary illustrated by means of a multistage grinding operation for 4-cylinder crankshafts.