5G Lab Hannover

The first 5G Lab event will take place as a webinar on 19 March. In a presentation by ATS Elektronik GmbH, participants will learn about the technical background behind the term 5G and how it can be used in an industrial environment. This will be followed by information on the further course of the Lab, with participants also having the opportunity to contribute their own ideas and questions.

The 5G mobile communications standard is revolutionising wireless data transmission with its high transmission speed and low latency. Behind the brand name 5G lies a whole bundle of technological innovations. The 5G Lab Hannover presents these innovations and their benefits, particularly in industrial applications, to interested participants.

An information event in autumn 2023 announced the establishment of a new industry working group. The numerous questions from participants illustrated the strong interest of companies in this topic. However, it also became clear that there is often a lack of direct and easy access to information about the actual benefits and challenges of implementation. Against this background, the 5G Lab Hannover has set itself the goal of creating a platform for the transfer of knowledge and the exchange of practical experience. This should enable the participating companies to develop individually optimised solutions.

The first meeting of the 5G Lab Hannover will take place as an online event on 19 March 2024. Christian Raddaz from ATS Elektronik GmbH will explain the technical basics of 5G. The presentation is aimed at both practitioners who are considering the use of 5G and interested parties who simply want to find out more.

Over the course of the year, the 5G Lab Hannover plans to organise further events with the aim of developing and implementing specific use cases together with the participants. The procedure for this will also be presented during the online meeting on 19 March 2024.

"With our 5G Lab Hannover, we are offering interested companies the opportunity to find out directly how they can successfully use 5G technology to network their production facilities. Our aim is to share the results of our project work, support companies in realising their own projects and provide a platform for exchange," explains project team member Heiko Blech.



For further information, please contact Heiko Blech, Institute of Production Engineering and Machine Tools at Leibniz Universität Hannover, by phone +49 511 762 19848 r by e-mail (blech@ifw.uni-hannover.de).